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EFFECTIVE MEASURE, one of the leading providers of digital media planning solutions in Pakistan, has reported a unique insight on Pakistans internet users. Unique browser growth of 6.7 per cent was reported from March to April 2012, which is supported by a rising trend of using mobile internet across the country.
The growth of Internet devices is encouraging. Over six million unique browsers were recorded in the month ending April 2012, up by 2.1 per cent compared to the previous month.
Mobile Internet is popular. The medium is used to view 2.8 million web pages in April – up by over 10 per cent when compared to the start of the year.
Pakistani users stay online less than five minutes each time they are online. Each user views an average of 3 pages per online session, with each session lasting an average of 04:49 minutes.
Here is the infographic:
Brendon Ogilvy, Effective Measure Vice President of Digital Insights, said, “Pakistan is ready for the next phase of development – with over 50 million web pages viewed by local users monthly, we cant ignore the significance of this market. The next logical step is to ensure that media planners and advertisers are equipped with the right audience management tools to achieve optimal growth.”
Country Manager, Effective Measure – Pakistan, Imtiaz Mohammad, was quoted as saying, “Brands invested in Pakistans digital industry will see better returns when they adapt their online strategies to match the needs and wants of the local audience. By understanding Pakistans Internet audience beyond the standard demographic data, brands are more likely to succeed in converting ad spend to leads and sales.”
“Pakistan has a real opportunity to fast forward its progress by including the Internet as a main advertising channel for consumer engagement. Due to its proven reach and huge potential for growth, the Internet is the communication medium that switched-on advertisers are dedicating serious ad dollars to,” concluded Mohammad.
The Internet data for Pakistan was sourced from the industry-standard media planning dashboard, OpenView, from 01 – 30 April 2012. In April 2012, 6.1 million unique browsers and 57.4 million pages, viewed at an average of 01:24 minutes each, were recorded in Pakistan.

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