STAFF REPORT IBD: NASCON, National Solutions Convention 2012, was an event organized by FAST Student Societies with an aim to solving the problems of the country by giving direction to the youth in aligning their passions with their academia to secure a brighter future.
On the occasion, three types of events were held including Engineering, Business and Various Social events. The students of Electronics Department of Mehran UET, Jamshoro, participated in the Engineering Project based competition in which universities from across the country participated with their numerous latest and futuristic hardware based projects and they were judged depending upon the market compatibility of their engineering project, and their innovative thinking.
In the starting phase of the Engineering Project contest the participants were asked about the technical perspective and there novel work in the project.
In second phase the judges asked about the cost and the application of the presented projects. The first prize went to FAST-NU, Lahore, Project which was “MATLAB based Color Following Robot”, and Mehran UET, Jamshoro, won the runner-up prize and there project was “GPS based Autonomous Car with Wi-Fi Controlled”.
The students of Mehran university that won this prize are from 8 Electronics batch namely Syed Assad Ashraf 08ES113 (Group leader), Syed Zeeshan Ali 08es108, Abdur Rehman Afridi 08es11, Zawar Khan 08es103, Talha Hyderie 08es116, and Qazi Mohammed Jawwad 08es107.

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