THE CONFERENCE arranged by the Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST) about climate change is now over. With pros and cons, it was a good activity despite the minister for climate change said to hold conferences in villages; of course, it sounds strange but he is right at the moment. Many presentations were delivered and it was learned that the challenges and opportunities are there but how to tap them is a big issue. We are not even able to feed our population how do we capitalize on this change which is yet controversial despite the issues pertaining to it were highlighted more than anything else known as benefits. It was also learnt that nature is there to manage the menace of climate change though there was opposition with arguments of “Do or Die”.
As far as nature manager is concerned, its all the test for humanity especially for those who are to be tested for their faith in God. Others may be given more chances to study and get the job done excellently in this world as per teachings and guidance of God. The issue of climate change may prove to be a test case rather than a curse. It may not harm us as much it is talked about. It may benefit us rather. Some presentations did talk about the positives of climate change i.e. it is good for quick harvesting in addition to more yield. This is observed by the veteran researcher in a practical experimental observation that the yield will increase with the increase in CO2 in atmosphere. It will also be harvested faster than any other scenario where CO2 level is low. However, one drawback is the nutritious value of such food which is observed to be significantly little as compared to crops which grown in normal situation.
In a scenario where CO2 is more the reactions inside the plant result in more sugar due to which the sweetness increases but the protein level remains low. The sweetness is due to the presence of more carbon to be used in the formation of sugar rather than its consumption in protein formation. This is very strange indeed. Who knows why it happens but only God knows why and how. We need to explore that why does it happen the way it is. Does it mean that nature will manage the problems itself rather than we worrying about it. Perhaps a fundamentalist speaker was right that God takes care of the food to be provided to all so not to worry about it but worry about your deeds which are in our control.
It conveys the message that we need not the technology which will make our environment clean but the deeds with true pure intentions for helping humanity by all available resources, let it be technology. We may not need to think about new technologies for cleaning our environment but we need to use the technologies for welfare of society. In fact, those who worry about environment are worried for it, may harm them financially or they may not be able to earn profits as before. It is also said that the issue is not the profits maximization rather technology mastering and technology marketing. They are not yet able to create technology as they have mastered the art of manufacturing pop tech around the globe. The moment they get hold of new tech like solar, the marketing practices will enforce us to go for these new products by tech manufacturers. They will start influencing young, immature and naive minds of youth, kids and women to purchase what is not really needed rather abused for satisfying desires to enjoy. Technology is not social but suicidal for morality in a society. It makes you weak which results in bad work performance. It makes you imaginative and a day dreamer rather than practical doer. For example, using horse for riding makes you strong as it is an exercise but using car makes you comfort lover and results in obesity to some extent.
So, perhaps experts who opposed new tech development and supported the constructive use of technology were having pure intentions rather than a mean of their own to serve. They were not horse breeders as far as I KNOW about them but they were all thinkers. I don’t really know why they oppose what they oppose but they do oppose what we can’t even suppose. We may declare them maniacs or someone out of this world or fundamentalist.
In one of the presentation, presenter informed about the learning from an experiment that fertilizer technology results in degradation of soil where as organic fertilizers are always good for the quality of soil and ultimately result is better yield. So, technology often results in demerits which are often not discussed by the manufacturers and sellers because they have an Axe to grind. Now, automobiles are resulting in CO2 production but nature is managing it by itself. Though, in another study, it was observed by researcher that it is the CO2 and dust particles causing many diseases in addition to asthma.
Best would be to manage technology by making it indigenous for culture orientation and policy formulation accordingly.

By Web Team

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