STAFF REPORT IBD: While Pakistan is having worst energy crisis, and worst ever power load-shedding, a 37-year-old mechanical engineer from Swat claims to have produced electricity with water.
After 20 years of research, Rehan Aziz Farooqi, has invented a unique power generator that runs solely on water, and, wait for it, the design can be used to allow any engine that runs on petrol, diesel or green gas to use water as fuel.
He told the media that actually the theory behind this is not totally new as many people have already worked on it. It is called Electrolysis that needs electricity (high voltage) to break down water (H2O) into hydrogen and oxygen. This is also called HHO fuel.
Although he did good effort but many people/researchers on the internet are asking the same question. Where will come the power for Electrolysis?
According to them, as much energy Electrolysis requires that would be more than as much energy we can extract from its resultant fuel. Until we find a solution to this we could not use Electrolysis for welfare projects.

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