STAFF REPORT IBD: IST has rrecently organized “Youth Carnival – 2012” at the Islamabad Campus of the institute, where over 800 contestants and visitors from different universities of Pakistan, participated and observed a beautiful environment of national unity over there.
There was a common comment in the event that “IST is very good in managing such mega events that is why they are succeeded to attract a big number of people for the 2nd time”.
UOG which was the Champion of “Youth Carnival – 2011” also participated to secure its position in the institute. A team of 42 co-curricularly active students with the coordinators of the students societies participated in the festival.
Due to the last years good image, UOG was seen as the only competitor in the entire event. Many of the skits, managing committees remarks and the comments by other participants were full of the appreciations notes about the talent of the UOGianz. The official facebook page of the Event says: “Last years champs on stage lets see what fun they provide us this time.

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