STAFF REPORT LHR: The UOG Green Society under the department of Environmental Sciences has recently organized a one- day symposium with reference to the “World Earth Day”. On the occasion, members of the Green Society presented their work regarding Pollution on the Earth and its Solutions. The programme held in S-07 Hall of the HH-Campus in the University of Gujrat.
In the Symposium students (attendees) were shown documentaries to mobilize youth for “Earth Campaign and Get Rid from the Plastic Bags”. The UOG Green Society discussed the advantages of reusable bags and disadvantages of plastic bags and a research report on “Eco-Friendly Reusable Bags” was also presented which was based on a nearby area Jalalpur Jattan.
Chief guest of the programme was Dr. Freesh-Ullah (Director, Social Sciences), while in other guests were Dr. Faheem Malik, Head of Department of Environmental Sciences, and Dr. Danish, Head of Department of Chemistry. A big number of faculty members and students of different departments were also present in the hall and appreciated the work presented by the society.

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