STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan is fast becoming vulnerable to the negative impacts of environment change triggered by global warming, and subsequent massive floods and droughts, unabated deforestation and increasing wetlands. This critical situation demands of all of us to pool our resources and join hands to save the earth from degradation as it would secure life on this planet.
This was the complete message came out of the whole activities arranged across Pakistan to commemorate the Earth Day. Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH), Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF), Ministry of Science and Technology, was among the forerunners celebrating the International Earth Day by arranging a number of activities for schoolchildren on its premises in Islamabad.
The main activities included tree plantation by children in the Botanical Garden of PMNH, Nature Photography and Nature Poster Competitions among schoolchildren. Over 100 students from various public and private sector educational institutions of Rawalpindi and Islamabad participated in these competitions under different age categories.
The Earth Day is celebrated all over the world on April 22 every year. The PMNH arranged the celebrations with the main purpose to create awareness among the students and general public about the threats to the Planet Earth and take corrective measures to halt the damage caused due to these problems.
The Earth Day celebration at PMNH started with a colourful inaugural ceremony. Dr. Shahzad A. Mufti, who is a renowned scientist, Advisor COMSATS and former Chairman PSF and former Director General PMNH, was the chief guest. A large number of students and teachers from various educational institutions, scientists and media people attended the event.
Addressing the inaugural ceremony, Dr. Mufti explained some of the major human activities that are causing environmental and climatic changes and posing serious threat to Mother Earth. He called need for sustainable use of natural resources. He said natural resources are the capital of Earth and these should be used judiciously. He hoped that the young generation would come forward to save the Planet Earth from the threats it is facing with.
He also talked about his association with PMNH and importance of Earth Day and PMNH role in educating people on our natural wealth and its sustainable use.
Dr. Syed Azhar Hasan, Director General, PMNH, highlighted the importance of Earth Day and different environmental hazards and climatic changes which are disturbing life on the planet Earth. He also mentioned various species that are facing extinction due to these problems.
He stressed that the world has vast resources like water, air, gas, petrol, minerals, forests, etc. but we take hardly any pain to save these resources or to use them rationally. The rapid increase in population has emerged as a major negative factor towards fast depleting natural resources, as the more population growth, the more burden on natural resources, he said adding, “This is our collective responsibility to protect the Earth from degradation and erosion,” he explained.
“It is a sad situation that we have to observe a day to acknowledge the importance of the earth. But now it is a necessity if we want to save our planet. But only talking about it for one day is not enough and efforts have to be continuous,” he asserted.
Some 100 students participated in the nature Poster and Photography Competitions.

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