STAFF REPORT IBD: PTA has decided to take a stern action against those customers/companies using SMS service as a medium of spreading mass text messages either for the sake of publicity or some other intention.
These SMS spammers are going to get a service suspension in result of sending bulk text messages, says an official of the telecom authority.
Threshold set in this regard is 200 messages in 15 minutes. So any number which is sending identical text messages to 200 users in less than 15 minutes is likely to get a service suspension as a penalty for spamming.
It merits mentioning here that once a number gets services suspended, cellular companies will not be able to restore instead a complaint is supposed to be registered at PTAs toll free complaint number 0800-55055 or through email at and this restoration may take weeks, depending upon the complaint volumes.
Be aware if you are not spamming intentionally, sending blank SMS will also be considered as spamming and will face same penalty as described above.

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