STAFF REPORT IBD: A two-day Procom event has recently concluded where students got a chance to showcase their work, and the team itself was only the liaison between the students and the industry.
The President of Procom 2012 said that it was the effort of the participants and the encouragement from the academia and industry that helped them put together this years event.
Although the results speak for the students efforts, the hard work put in by the team to bring together this software and tech-challenge must not be overlooked.
Sponsors for this years event included Systems Limited, TPS, Euronet Worldwide, Gameview Studios, Mazik Global, Inbox Technologies, Hakim sons Studio, Ten Pearls, Pi-Labs and Youth Correspondent.
The Programming challenge, which is the signature competition at Procom, had the highest level of participation this year. Being an online competition with the highest number of participants (180) there were entries from the region with 13 teams from India and Bangladesh participating as well. Following this was the Robo race competition with 80 participants in total.
The innovative ideas and projects that the students present are indeed a representation of the brilliant work that is being done and with a little support and encouragement from the seniors, the effort becomes worthwhile. Adding on, this was also the first time that this competition had international participation.

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