MONITORING REPORT IBD: Pakistan has risen to the 9th position in sending SPAM emails in the list of “Dirty Dozens”.
SophosLabs releases the list of the countries with their share in sending SPAM emails and Pakistan was ranked at number 11, last year.
From the latest stats, Pakistan has risen to the 9th position with 3.3 per cent share among the worlds total SPAM while, India has taken top position from US by sharing a total of 9.3 per cent SPAM emails of the world.
The top 12 spam relaying countries for January-March 2012 included, India – 9.3 per cent, USA – 8.3 per cent, Indonesia – 5.0 per cent, Russia – 5.0 per cent, Italy – 4.9 per cent, Brazil – 4.3 per cent, Poland – 3.9 per cent, Pakistan – 3.3 per cent, Vietnam – 3.2 per cent, Taiwan – 2.9 per cent, and Peru – 2.5 per cent.
It merits to mention here that India has only 121 million internet users as compared to those of US where there are 245 million internet users, yet India tops the list.
Considering the total number of internet users in Pakistan, it is still a more compelling fact than India that Pakistan with only 29.1 million internet users stand at the 9th position.

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