STAFF REPORT LHR: A delegation of entrepreneurs and representatives of Shenzhen Chamber of e-commerce, China, during their recent visit to the Punjab Board of Investment and Trade (PBIT), has showed keen interest in modernization of infrastructure in the province, implementation of technology in government affairs and youth empowerment through education and technology.
On the occasion, PBIT Chief Executive Officer Dr Sajid Yoosufani briefed the delegates, led by Jennifer Tong, Chairperson Shenzhen Chamber of e-commerce, about the investment opportunities in Punjab and assured the Chinese brethren of PBIT’s full support in setting up their business in Punjab.
Dr Sajid replied to the delegates queries related to cost of doing business in Punjab (labour cost and tax policies) and said Punjab offered investment friendly policies where 100 percent foreign equity and remittances of capital, profits and dividends are allowed and only five percent custom duty was imposed on parts which were not available in Pakistan.
The Shenzhen Chamber enjoys the reputation of China’s leading electronics manufacturing hub, having 2,000 members, is one of the most successful special economic zones in China with annual turnover of 1.5 billion dollars in the field of information technology.

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