STAFF REPORT IBD: Ministry of Water and Power has issued nine Letters of Intent (LOIs) to different Solar Independent Power Producers (IPPs) to produce cumulative capacity of 228 MW electricity.
A senior official at the Ministry has said that these small and big projects are at various stages of development and once executed would help generate electricity for the national grid and to meet growing demand.
Giving a list about projects and details of LOIs holders solar IPPs, the official said these are 35 MW project at Dhaboji, District Thatta by Solar Energy Pakistan Limited, two MW in Southern Punjab by First Solar, 50 MW at Southern Punjab by AM Pak Energy, 50 MW in Sindh by DACC LLC Canada, one MW at POF Taxila by Wah Industries Limited, 10 MW in Punjab by Tech Access, 50 MW in Cholistan by CWE, 10 MW in Kasur by Roshan Power Limited and 20 MW in Lodhran by Bakhsh Energy Limited.
He said Pakistan falls on the Global Sun Belt, and possesses large solar energy potential with a range of 4.9kwh/m2/day to 7kwh/m2/day of solar isolation which is considered excellent.

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