STAFF REPORT IBD: The SMS (Short Messaging Service) is a vital source of communication, but the civil society looks concerned over these packages as around 100 billion SMSs were generated in Pakistan in the year 2011 summing all cellular networks as a whole.
This huge rise in the SMS traffic owes largely to the attractive and wide range of bundle packages being offered by all the operators, experts say.
Presently, daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly and even unlimited packages are being offered at very low rates by cellular companies to capture potential of this service.
While at the same time both school of thoughts exist that are in and are not in favour of cheap SMS bundles and overnight hourly call packages.
Some are of the view that these packages are keeping students not only away from their studies but from the teachings of the Islam as well. While on the other hand, people are also of the view that its not the thing that is itself bad but its use. These packages are already adding a lot to the communication and they can also be used by students to communicate and solve their problems in studies, discuss their issues and help each other out.

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