STAFF REPORT KHI: Chairman PTA, Dr. Mohammed Yaseen, has said that for launching the 3G technology Pakistan is facing regulatory, technology and economic challenges. Our market driving factors are high speed integrated and interactive services for which our cellular network is merging towards the 3G and Core and access networks towards IP and NGN Platforms.
He expressed these remarks while addressing the recently held 5th Pakistan 2012 Telecommunication conference, organized by Shamrock and was attended by IT and telecom industry experts, stakeholders, CEOs of telecom companies, academia and media representatives.
“This “convergence” can bring more revenue as expected of $5 billion to the country and moreover better quality of services and cheaper services to the consumers will be provided.
The regulator has to deal with maintaining QoS, Security and IP, numbering and interconnection, for these they have proposed various measures including regulators would be ready for ENUM so IP numbering will allow even more convergence and consumer rights would be maintained.
During the seminar, the telecom experts shared their wisdom and experience to draw tangible conclusions for ensuring rapid economic growth.

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