STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) has been headless since August 2010 and is functioning on ad hoc basis, thus badly affecting the performance of the research body.
“The headhunt for PARC chairman is going on and twice some senior scientists were shortlisted and summaries were sent for the Prime Ministers approval, but there was no progress,” an official of the Council told this scribe.
The PARC was established 30 years back with a mandate to undertake, aid, promote, and coordinate research at federal and provincial level in the country to provide science-based solutions for agricultural development.
After the retirement of the former acting chairman of PARC Dr Muhammad Iftikhar Ahmed last month, the Ministry of National Food Security and Research (MNFS) sent a summary to Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani seeking his approval of one-year extension for Dr Ahmed as acting Chairman.
The summary shows that the ministry is in no mood to appoint a regular chairman and wants PARC to continue on ad hoc basis, he said.

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