IT remains 3rd highest sector for new firms enrolment

STAFF REPORT ISB: Despite human resource challenges and tax issues, IT sector has been flourishing in Pakistan at least in terms of new company registrations.

Fresh data shows that 413 new IT companies registered with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) during July-2015 to March-2016 as the IT Industry came third in registration of new companies during current financial year till March 2016.

On average, 45 new IT companies enrolled with the authority per month

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PMs ICT Scholarship programme remains intact

STAFF REPORT ISB: The Prime Minister’s National ICT Scholarship Programme awards fully funded 4-year undergraduate scholarships in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) related disciplines for talented students from rural/non-metropolitan areas of Pakistan.
This programme was initiated in year 2007. As many as 4,223 students have been awarded this wonderful scholarship up till year 2013. This year the registration forms were collected till June 28, 2014. A 20-day Foundation

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Farm growth rate remains low

STAFF REPORT IBD: Farm community organizations have contested President Asif Ali Zardari’s claim that government policies have resulted in higher agriculture growth and said rather the growth in agriculture sector has been relatively low due to anti-agriculture policies.The government has failed to achieve 3.4 per cent growth target of agriculture sector during 2011-2012 because of less than estimated growth in major crops including wheat and cotton, the Farmers Associations said. They said that

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PARC remains headless for 20 months

STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) has been headless since August 2010 and is functioning on ad hoc basis, thus badly affecting the performance of the research body."The headhunt for PARC chairman is going on and twice some senior scientists were shortlisted and summaries were sent for the Prime Minister’s approval, but there was no progress," an official of the Council told this scribe.The PARC was established 30 years back with a mandate to undertake

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