WHETHER YOU are a fresh graduate or an experienced professional, hunting for the right job can be a harrowing experience.
Prospective employers also baulk at the thought of sifting through scores of resumes in search of the ideal candidate.
While large corporations have developed their own online application procedures; most other employers cannot afford to dig through piles of resumes in search of the right prospects. However, a local company has recently launched an online job search engine.
The website; naukrify.com also provides prospective employers with a host of tools aimed at filtering out irrelevant applications and honing in on the most suitable candidates for any job posting.
The website has been launched by Islamabad-based Taxila Services Private Limited.
In a recent talk with, Chief Executive Taxila Services Mahmood Elahi said that the best part aboutnaukrify.com is that it does not lie to users.
He explains that all profiles of prospective job applicants returned against a job posting created by an employer are ranked in terms of the applicant’s suitability for the job posting.
“We understand that the whole point of accessing an online jobs search engine is to receive comprehensive, yet accurate results quickly,” he said.
Besides allowing employers to choose skills and expertise relevant for any particular job posting, this website allows “blank screening” of search results.
“This will ensure that instead of receiving 500 resumes for a job posting; the company can identify a dozen or so of the most relevant applicants for any vacancy,” explains Elahi.
“The best part for both employers and the employee is that they can post a detailed job listing on the website and return to the website in a few days to find a list of candidates considered most relevant to the listed vacancy based on multiple criteria,” contended Elahi.
One of the major advantages of this service is that prospective employers can view profiles of all job seekers for free.
naukrify.com goes a step further by letting candidates assess their own skills in key areas such as language proficiency, dexterity with tools and technologies as well as their foci of expertise.
He also highlights that job seekers do not have to pay for any of the services provided by naukrify.com.
Mahmood Elahi lauds the business model of his competitors including Rozee.pk but is confident that the offering developed by naukrify.com will set it apart in the job market.
“The internet and social media are so powerful in this day and age that they are not just enabling business but even driving entire revolutions, as seen during the Arab spring,” he contends.
“This is a very powerful media and we intend to harness its strength,” says Elahi.
“Far from acting as a deterrent for us, more competition in the industry will bode well for us because it will be beneficial for employers and job seekers,” he contends.
“As long as new and existing players attract more users online, we say bring on the competition,” concludes Mahmood Elahi.
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“The number of internet users in the country is growing at an increasing pace,” he points adding that “employers and job seekers are also becoming more tech-savvy, turning to the internet for job-related searches and other purposes.” Eyeing these trends, Mahmood Elahi is confident that for naukrify.com and other companies in this industry, “the pie will keep getting bigger”.

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