STAFF REPORT IBD: UBLs branchless banking solution, Omni, has won the GSMA Global Mobile Award – 2012 for the category of “Best Use of Mobile in Emergency or Humanitarian Situations” beating three other services – contesting in the same category.
The award has been given for a transparent and efficient cash disbursement service after the 2009 IDPs crisis and the 2010 flood crisis.
Omni happens to be one of the largest Branchless Banking cash disbursement initiatives to date and has proved to be a quick and transparent mechanism for the way cash disbursements are made by the Government of Pakistan and non-profit organizations.
UBL Omni provided the BISP and WFP with a transparent and convenient cash disbursement mechanism for victims of the 2009 war against terror IDPs crisis and the 2010 flood crisis. Beneficiaries were issued unique cards and PINs which were used to withdraw funds from conveniently located UBL Omni retail shops, where agents logged into their mobile based applications to execute quick cash disbursements.
Judges commented over Omni saying: “There is growing interest in how to direct payment of aid to the needy and this scheme utilizing mobile phones is a valuable initiative.”

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