Comptel SVP Veqar says 3G to open gate of latest services in Pakistan

SPECIAL REPORT IBD: Pakistan is speedily rising on the international IT and telecom horizon with its readiness to adopt the world class services in this field. It has a major potential yet to be tapped in this sector and international companies see this country as a rich market and want to explore all available opportunities by vigorously entering this IT market which has abundant manpower as well as services strength – the latest one is the upcoming 3G/4G revolutionary technologies.
“We are looking at 3G with lots of interest, as it would create a new wave of growth for the telecom industry in Pakistan. Today the customers want more speed and bandwidth and with the avalanche of smart phone the data usage is going up manifold. The 3G will open up multiple opportunities towards providing newer and more innovative services to the customers in the country and will also augment heavily many other industries,” said Veqar ul Islam, Senior Vice President and Member Executive Board at Comptel Corporation, in an exclusive interview he gave to Technology Times on the sidelines of his companys offering Dynamic SIM Management to Wataniya Telecom in UAE.
To a question, whether the Dynamic SIM Management offered to the Wataniya Telecom would support the Pakistani market, he said that absolutely, it would deliver a lot. He explained that today customers would like to have the choice to select the number and the services of their choice with multiple preferences. This is a trend, which is very common across the globe and is equally popular in Pakistan. With the Comptel Dynamic Sim solution, customers have the ability to search for available numbers, select the number they want, pick the services and the method of payment.
“Our solution works not only with Smartphones, but also with very ordinary phones, as owned by many subscribers in Pakistan,” Veqar explained.
He also revealed that his company is seriously weighing options to enter the Pakistani IT and telecom market. As regards the scope of role Comptel could play in the country, he, however, said that on strategic grounds, their companys role is more restricted as we work closely with the operators. However, for any telecom industry to thrive the regulators play an important role in ensuring a level-playing field, having business-friendly framework to enable operators to remain profitable and continuously invest in enhancing the reach and quality of service.
About the core competence of Comptel, the Senior Vice President said that Comptel is a world leader in mediation, provisioning and activation space.
“We have so far delivered to 280 customers globally in 85 countries of the world. We also have a very strong fulfillment offering, which facilitates the entire order management process within the operators business.”
About the dynamic Operations Support System (OSS) software, Comptel has provided to Kuwaiti operator Wataniya Telecom, he said that this offer would give its customers the ability to self-activate their subscriptions using their handsets.


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