All the world countries except few are very sensitive and touchy about their coastal lines and the sea and all the marine life and everything associated to it. Lots of efforts and initiatives are underway to secure and improve the oceanic belongings of any country.
Besides of a natural wonder, it is expected that the future heavily depends on the oceans as the human race is rapidly exhausting the land resources and ultimately it might have to rely solely on the sea resources. Pakistan has been blessed with a great coastal line and the pity is that we havent explored it yet.
But we are neglecting it and even destroying it. In order to confront problems of over-fishing, marine degradation and loss of habitat, a national effort is required which must be taken on war footings. The challenge of saving our sea is enormous. Pakistanis should bring scientific centres, NGOs, international organisations, foundations and the private sector to pool knowledge, experience, expertise, and investment around a set of agreed upon goals. First we must clean our waters, and then we ought to ensure that no water pollution is in practice, and then we need to save the marine life and build healthier and safer coastlines. We have got to love our waters.
Muskan Hina

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