THE TREND of defacing the social and cultural values has unfeelingly and unnoticeably crept into Pakistan in multiple ways, which is now fast getting popular especially amongst the young generation giving a serious signal to the saner generation. One can easily have a live experience of this social as well as cultural degradation especially in high class schools, colleges, universities or other institutions or at social gatherings where morality is virtually considered alien to them. Revolution in the communication sector has emerged as the main contributor to this factor. Cell phone, no doubt, has emerged as the major instrument in narrowing the distances and in increasing the social interaction, but all this has also taken along a flood of trends which our society has started accepting without realizing that how much these trends would damage the cultural fabrics of Pakistan, which, by all means, claims to be the guardian of Islamic and moral values. Majority of the teen age groups in the country spend most of their time while remaining glued to their cell phones and talking or doing SMS or internet surfing. Chat Zone and Dosti, the services currently being offered by a couple of local cell phone service providers, are something that have received a great deal of acceptance from the consumers, who are fast availing these services. The Chat Zone and Dosti offer consumers to join the club to make friends and widen their social relationship with the people of their own choice. In general terms, these services are considered an effective platform for social interaction, but the inside reports tell a tale of chain of unethical and immoral activities that are highly unacceptable and a crime in an Islamic society like Pakistan. An official of a cell phone service provider, who has been directly involved in launching this service, disclosed on condition of anonymity, that he repents starting this service as he had never thought that the service could have take this ugly turn. According to him, certain social groups directly or indirectly engaged with the field of prostitution are taking great interest in these services. In fact, these telecom service providers have virtually facilitated these people to continue their immoral business through the Chat Zone and Dosti under the cover of social interaction or making friendships. Teen-age always remains at the make or break stage of life, and easily gets attracted to wrongs. Being a Muslim society, we are in no position to see our young generation, which is our bright future, going astray. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, being a telecom watchdog, has the main responsibility to ensure that all codes and regulations are implemented in true letter and spirit.

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