STAFF REPORT IBD: The multinational companies and foreign investors have improved the ranking of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) from ninth to sixth position in the past two years for its cooperation and supportive role for the businesses.
The Overseas Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OICCI) has recently revealed the results of its perception survey based on its member companies feedback saying the telecom authority is supportive to foreign investors in dealing affairs of telephony utility.
PTA is one of the most active regulators in the country which has shown tremendous performance in the past one decade keeping the interest of consumers on priority and maximum facilitation to investors.
In 2011, Pakistan topped in Asia Pacific for having best telecom regulatory environment by LirneAsia, an ICT policy and regulation think tank.
The views expressed about PTA have come from multinational companies of different sectors, however, foreign companies of IT and Telecom sectors were less interested to participate in the perception survey.
But plans and concerns of IT and Telecom companies are almost similar with multinational companies of different sectors, which are positive investment plans in the next two to five years despite issues of security, access to energy and governance.

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