Zohaib Khan explains how he has developed ultrasonic navigation system for the blind

How were you first interested in this field of science?
Well, I am interested in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. But at the time of admission I found that there was huge amount of Electronic Engineers passed out from all over Karachi, therefore, it would be very great competition in job. So I moved to Biomedical Engineering, Which is a merge form of Medical, Anatomy, Biology and Electronic Engineering. In this field we learn 80 per cent Electronic Engineering Subjects, and I am fond of Electronics.
How did you get the idea to make this project?
From the beginning of my Engineering I wanted to make the final year project which should be unique. So I started thinking for a remarkable project, but that needed more investment and very huge amount of knowledge in the field of mechanical, electronic and biomechanics micro controlling. One day I found a project in my university lab, which was called blinds stick, in which ultrasonic sensor is placed and, in which same working happened like in my project. When obstacle come in the detection range of sensor then vibrator starts vibrating and does not stop vibrating even the obstacle goes out. We needed to reset the circuit by pressing a rest button, so I upgraded that project from many aspects with a very astonishing way.
From whom you got inspiration for the project?
When I was in school, my cousin was very much crazy in making electronic circuits, repairing different electronic home appliance. So he used to take me with him everywhere and when he was working on anything he used to ask me to sit with him and watch all the repairing work. However, later he died. Then I started taking interest in electronics , technology, innovations.
What is your ultimate goal?
I want to go beyond the level of innovations and technology like in other countries.
Where do you like Pakistan to stand? What plans do you have for Pakistan, if any?
Well, I want Pakistan to look forward for everything like in Japan, China and America. They are going very fast in reaching the ultimate technology. If I have power and money, I will help Pakistans different universities to teach students in a way that every student becomes a brilliant student.
What troubles did you face while making the project?
Sensors are not available in Pakistan. I got the same through a website ROBOTSHOP. Nobody has ever seen sensors I have used in my project. In the beginning of my projects proposal my friends were not agreed. They wanted to make a centrifuge machine as a final year project. So I decided to make this project alone. Only one teacher little bit helped me in my project. I accidently damaged my 2 sensors thats why I have used only three. Many times my circuit stopped working due to lose connections and broken connections. The charging circuit was the last task of my project that made long time to come in its working condition,
Was it easy gathering the material and resources for you project?
Yes, I found number of projects and information related to my project, but all over the world this type of projects are made by using marvelous controllers like Arduino, PIC, basic stamp microcontroller, etc. but I dont know anything about these controllers programming. My university only taught us about Atmel 8951 controllers. So I made this project by using 8951 controllers which is also cheaper than these microcontrollers.
Were you creative when doing your projects? If yes, what drives your creativity?
I like to make projects circuit small as much as possible. That thing has made my working image very attractive for others. I troubleshoot any problem in circuit quickly.

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