STAFF REPORT KHI: Under the IBM’s Academic Initiative programme, a three-day training on DB2 Academic Associate Certification has recently been conducted for the students of FAST NU Karachi (Foundation for Advancement of Science and Technology).
The DB2 certification programme teaches relational database concepts while also is providing students with critical, hands-on database skills on IBM’s DB2 9.7 and Data Studio software.
“Through this programme, students can increase their employability for IBM’s technology, while the company wants to build the technical skills students in order to bridge the gap between market demand and available resources,” said an official of the company.
He said that this program is exclusively for the academic community and offers certification exams for those who attended the course.
On the occasion, students were trained on practical usage of DB2. Candidates who passed the certification exam are allowed to submit their resume in IBM’s student opportunity system (SOS) database.
FAST NU Karachi DB2 Certified students with IBMs were Saadia Naz and Muhammad Shuja.
The DB2 database software offers industry leading performance, scale, and reliability on your choice of platform from Linux, Unix and Windows to z/OS. DB2 has a long history and is considered the first database product to use SQL.

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