In its sustained drive for leading technological innovation and elevating customer experience, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is setting industry trends for 2012 by launching a variety of exciting new products and services.
The telecom giant began the year 2012 by launching Pakistans first 3G enabled Android Smartphone IVIO Icon Pro that offers dual support for both EVDO and GSM/CDMA network. Based on Android 2.2 Froyo and powered by a 600 MHz Qualcomm processor, the IVIO Icon Pro lets its users surf and talk simultaneously while on-the-move and without any GSM network restrictions.
This has been followed by the introduction of a proficient “One Wire Does It All” package. Through a single landline connection, customers can now avail a multiple range of services, including unlimited on-net calling, unlimited Broadband downloads, Mobile calls at Rs.1.25 per minute, IPTV service charges waiver, line rent waiver and a free Wifi Modem.
PTCLs latest offering is the fascinating Jadoo Box – a novelty device that gives uninterrupted connectivity on wired DSL as well as backup wireless. Introduced in three attractive packages, Jadoo Box gives commercial and residential customers unlimited and uninterrupted Internet connectivity through a winning combination of DSL and EVO Nitro bundled together. Topping it all is unlimited voice connectivity that customers can enjoy through this magic device.
In addition, PTCL continues to provide more customer-friendly solutions for its existing services. An exciting Vfone Double Balance offer has been introduced for customers to recharge their Vfone accounts and get an additional free balance equal to the load amount. Not only that, PTCL has also reversed call set-up charges for Vfone, bringing back the services original rates.
This year, PTCL has also kicked-off a brand new Life in Motion strategic campaign that taps into the charisma of renowned Pakistani celebrity, Reema Khan, to depict scenes from the life of an enterprising celebrity who successfully navigates her busy schedule round the clock with the help of PTCLs converged and innovative communications solutions.
“We are constantly innovating and improving our customer experience,” said SEVP Commercial, Naveed Saeed, while recounting the successes of PTCLs most recent business offerings. “We strongly believe that PTCL will remain the market leader and a service provider of choice throughout Pakistan for providing cutting-edge integrated telecom solutions to our customers.”
Courtesy: Tanzeel Afzal

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