The ozone layer is a gas which protects the earth from dangerous rays of the sun. Nowadays this gas is going to destroy the rays of artificial (man-made) gases. There are many causes for the decrease in the ozone layer gas. And all these are man-made compounds, and are known as chlorofluorocarbons, hydrochlorofluorocarbons, methyl bromide, halons, methyl chloroform and tetra chloride.
Once these have been released into the atmosphere, they remain there as long as 200 years. Although there are a great number of causes for depleting the ozone layer, among them is chlorofluorocarbon which has been identified as the most damaging for ozone layer gas.
These gases, which are damaging for the ozone layer gas, are used in different industries and in heavy electrical equipment like refrigerators and airconditioners. But chlorofluorocarbons are used in fire-fighting etc. According to research by scientists, chlorine, fluorine and bromine gases are the main causes of depletion of the ozone layer: one atom of chlorine destroys the ozone layer for as long as two years.
Furthermore, it has been established that chlorine atom (from chlorofluorocarbons) and bromine atom are safe for the environment but are most dangerous for ozone layer gas. The gases that destroy the ozone layer also damage or affect the earth as a result of the high level of ultraviolet rays. They also destroy plants, animals and human beings, and produce skin cancer, destroy the immune system of human beings, animals and plants.
In other words they damage the life system of the earth. And this is all about the effects and the causes of ozone layer gas which is necessary for living things.
I would request the government to pay attention to this aspect also because this is causing a decline in human life along with the decline in other lives on the earth. It is necessary to appoint some experts to carry out research to control the phenomenon.
Asadullah Shaikh

By Web Team

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