I WOULD like to draw the attention of the authorities concerned towards the Graduate Assessment Test (GAT). Over the past few years, all universities in Pakistan have changed the rule of admission to MPhil/MS by following the directives of the Higher Education Commission.
The National Testing Service conducts GAT and only people who qualify in this test can apply for MPhil/MS admission. The passing marks for this test are 50 per cent.
GAT consists of three portions: first is English which is 30 per cent of GAT, mathematics is also 30 per cent, and the analytical portion is 40 per cent.
Due to the last portion, students are facing many difficulties and that is why only a few students can apply for MS. The analytical portion is mandatory for all categories of GAT – A, B, and C.
The question is: How can business, arts and humanities students solve this part? They come from different backgrounds and have no idea about analytical reasoning. The basic purpose of this test is to produce quality in the higher education system. I think we should follow the rule of quality: quantity breeds quality. If quantity is not produced, then how can quality be maintained?
I appeal to the authorities concerned to decrease the percentage of the analytical portion in GAT so that more students are able to pass it.
M. Mubushar Raja

By Web Team

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