STAFF REPORT IBD: South Asian countries can benefit through collaboration on acquiring green renewable energy as it is more feasible at regional level than at a country level given the cost barriers, said delegates from Pakistan and India during the recently held three-day dialogue on climate change in Islamabad.
They also asked South Asian countries to have shared positions at the international negotiations besides joint research and regional planning to address the climate change challenge.
The delegates were discussing at Pakistan-India Track II Dialogue on (Climate) Change for peace organized by SDPI and Center for Science and Environment, India.
In his remarks, Arshad Abbasi, SDPI Advisor, stressed for environmental impact assessment for all trans-boundary hydropower projects and called for declaring glaciers as protected areas arguing that climate change negotiations between India and Pakistan can be successful only after demilitarization of Siachin glacier.
Chandra Bushan, Deputy Director, CSE, recommended efficient water usage and climate resistant practices in agriculture sector with joint assessment of vulnerabilities and adaptation due to climate change in arid zones of both the countries particularly in Rajhistan and Sindh.
Dr. Asad Sarwar Qureshi of International Water Management Institute (IWMI), on the occasion, suggested that they have to rationalize cropping pattern with an increased focus on productivity rather than increasing irrigated area.

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