STAFF REPORT IBD: A German delegation consisting of leading solar energy producing companies, during their recent visit to Pakistan, has showed keen interest in establishing solar energy production systems to stabilize the industrial sector of Pakistan that could overcome the acute energy shortage in the country.
The delegation comprised Gerold Holsmolle, Christoph Buhler, Carsten Aschoff and Karl-H and Mockel. They said that Pakistan could avail German expertise for installation of renewable energy projects to overcome acute energy shortage.
During their visit, the delegation also met the ICCI office holders. During the meeting, the delegation members said that Pakistan should adopt energy efficiency solutions and energy conservation measures to save energy and reduce energy consumption bills.
Former president ICCI, Mahfooz Elahi, said that solar energy has excellent potential in Pakistan that receives high levels of solar radiation throughout the year.
He highlighted the due role of Alternative Energy Development Board and said that on the basis of public-private partnership, government has started village electrification program for social uplifting of remote areas.
The delegation said that they would soon be evaluating the solar energy potential of Pakistan that can avail their expertise in this field.

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