SIMs verification turning out to be a gimmick

STAFF REPORT ISB: The mobile phone SIMs re-verification process is turning out to be more like a gimmick than a serious exercise to support government efforts in countering terrorism.

According to PTA, it has completed the biometric verification of 72 million SIMs while 10 million have been blocked in the first phase ended on February 26.

However, reports say that the ongoing process was anomalous and described it as a money-making exercise. They believe that the re-verification

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Health Informatics-a turning point in health system

NO PHASE of human life has escaped the impact of the "Information Age", and feasibly in no area of life is information more critical than in healthcare and medicine. Improving healthcare services in any society requires strengthening various elements of healthcare services and it is understandable that the healthcare is an information-based and information-driven activity. Information signifies major actions in the healthcare profession currently a number of forces are together

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