Remote Sensing, Agri Drones: Powerful tools for Precision Agriculture

PRECISION FARMING is one of the top revolutions in the field of agriculture. It is also called Satellite farming’ or Site Specific Crop Management’ that deals with making the smart decisions on the basis of predictive analysis about farm management practices i.e. inputs, planting and harvesting schedule, soil and weather conditions and intricate cost related aspects. The concept of precision agriculture was first evolved in USA in 1980s which was later on adopted by other countries

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Future of remote sensing in Pakistan

Remote Sensing is the science and art of obtaining information about an object, area or phenomenon through the analysis of data acquired by a device that is not in contact with the object, area or phenomenon under investigation. If the information is collected through satellites it is called Satellite Remote Sensing (SRS). Remote Sensing along with its allied technologies has become an industry in itself. The basic principle of remote sensing is based on the interaction of

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Launch of first remote sensing satellite system planned

STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan plans its first Remote Sensing Satellite System (RSSS) to be launched in near future which will meet the national and international user requirements in the field of satellite imagery.

"The government is committed to make the country’s satellite system more sophisticated which can be helpful in the socio economic development of the country," said Minister for Planning and Development, Professor Ahsan Iqbal while addressing the recently held 8th

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Remote Sensing-an emerging latest technology

REMOTE SENSING is the getting of information about an object or phenomenon without making physical contact with the object. In modern usage, the remote sensing generally refers to the use of aerial sensor technologies to detect and classify objects on Earth’s surface and in the atmosphere (including oceans) by means of electromagnetic radiation emitted from aircraft or satellites (propagated signals). Remote sensing makes it possible to collect data on dangerous or inaccessible areas.

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