Risks and concerns of transgenic food

Generally, food and feed come from the plants and the animals which have been nurtured by humans for many thousand years. With the passage of time, these plants and animals acceded enduredample genetic modifications. Those exhibiting suitable characteristics were selected for breeding the succeeding generation. The suitable characteristics were created by naturally happening variations in the genetic make-up of the plants and animals. These days, it has become probable to alter the genetic

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Experts for research in geosciences to cut risks

STAFF REPORT ISB: Disaster risk reduction should be incorporated in planning processes at every administrative tier, but in order to achieve this objective, the country has to first compile disaster vulnerability assessments, coordinate its scientific research efforts and create a general awareness among administrators to think ahead in terms of natural disaster preparedness.
Speakers echoed these thoughts at a recently conducted national forum on geosciences and disaster risk reduction

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Risks of ezo dyes on environment

Environment means anything those surroundings human beings on earth like soil, water and air. A healthy environment is needed for human beings to live it shall be free from all kinds of pollution that may damage this remarkable gift of God to humans. Unfortunately, in this fast moving era of technology advancement we ourselves are destroying this precious gift. Pollution has different kinds that are affecting environment differently such as air pollution, water pollution and soil

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Climate changes pose risks to mountain heritage

STAFF REPORT IBD: Speakers at a seminar organised at the NUST shared their concerns regarding climatic changes posing immense risk to the mountain heritage of Pakistan, threatening the biodiversity of the prized mountain region and its people.

Speakers urged for an integrated and inclusive governance of the eco-system services for the mountains sustainability that would lead to sustainable future of Pakistan.

The seminar titled Climate Challenges for Pakistan Mountains’ also

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Mobile banking poses operational risks: SBP

STAFF REPORT KHI: Mobile banking creates a heightened level of potential operations risk due to which the banking system despite its major transformation remains restricted in its outreach.

"Solutions that work in wired networks may not be sufficient to address risks for application in a wireless environment and the transfer of information from a wired to a wireless environment can create additional risks to the integrity and confidentiality of the information exchanges,"

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