Medicinal radio-isotopes can be beneficial for accurate diagnosis of cancer: Prof Dr Qaim

STAFF REPORT IBD: Each year, tens of millions of patients receive accelerator-based diagnoses and therapy in hospitals and clinics around the world. Particle accelerators are used to produce radioisotopes for medical diagnosis and therapy, and as source of beams of electrons, protons, and heavier charged particles for medical treatment, this was stated by Prof. Dr. S. M. Qaim, Foreign Fellow PAS, Research Centre Jülich and University of Cologne, Germany, while delivering a lecture on "

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Radio Pakistan to be available on cell phones

STAFF REPORT ISB: All channels of Radio Pakistan would be available on mobile phones by the end of coming June due to hard-work by radio professionals, Secretary Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage, Syed Irman Gardezi said.

Addressing the prize distribution ceremony at Pakistan Broadcasting Academy, he said the merit based induction would give a new lease of life to Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC).

He advised the new inductees to work hard and

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Joint radio transmission broadcast exclusive WSD transmission

STAFF REPORT ISB: ZAB-FM 106.6 (The Voice of SZABIST Islamabad) sorted out an eccentric transmission on World Science Day (WSD) as a team with Technology Times Newspaper and Educational Broadcasters Forum (EBF). The objective of the transmission was to sensitize masses about the importance of WSD and the role science plays to enlighten peoples lives by offering many solutions to the daily life challenges and what role it can play for sustainable future, dialog and to scaffold crevice

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CYBERKNIFE-Robotic Radio-surgery system a hope for cancer patients

THE PAST few decades have witnessed a remarkable progress in the development of instrumentation and in the use and applications of medical imaging techniques.

Imaging possibilities and their use from diagnostics to treatment have revolutionized radiology and imaging practices dramatically. The exploration of ongoing modern radiological techniques and research has led to a volatile growth in clinical practices of medical imaging.

From 1960s radiographs to the modern techniques of today

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Are you ready for Radio Tax?

The nation already paying ptv tax on it’s electricity bills. Government is taking Rs.35 on every bill of electricity even in mosque’s bills. Ptv employees and official are enjoying the benfits on the income of poor people’s of Pakistan.Now this government is planning to impose another tax, which is being slapped to save the Radio Pakistan. In this budget the federal government is planning to impose tax of Rs. 2 on every recharge of Rs. 100 on mobile phone.This will be a shameful move by

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