Article Format

Please read the format Article Pattern before adding an article.

At Technology Times, we are always striving to increase the writing skills of our writers.

Following is a guide to using effective techniques to enhance your writing and get it ready for your readers:

  • Understand the text editor

Here, we tell you more about each icon:

Font style selector: “Paragraph” is already selected. You may choose a heading (1,2,3…) to emphasize and highlight topics in your article.

B: Makes your text bold or strong

I: Makes your text italic

U: Makes your text underline

Blockquote: Emphasizes your text by

placing in a block

Bulleted List: Place your text in points. For example,

  • This is an important point
  • This is another important point
  • Some Additional Tips

While using the above help provided to format your article, you must keep the following tips in mind while writing:

  • Add Headings to your article. A heading for every 300 words is preferred.
  • Write in easy to understand words. Difficult words may look fancy but it will take readers away.
  • Add related pictures to different sections of the article.
  • Do not write any information related to the author. Only mention author details if there is more than one author for the article (please do not attach the author’s picture. We will use the profile picture only and delete the rest).
  • Add internal and external links to your articles. These are required.