Pakistani Startup Bookme Inks Deals to Take Root in Saudi Arabia


 Pakistani travel technology startup Bookme has inked two landmark agreements, solidifying its foothold in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

In a significant move marking its expansion into the lucrative Saudi market, Pakistani travel technology startup Bookme has inked two landmark agreements, solidifying its foothold in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

With over a decade of experience in the industry, Bookme has revolutionized ticketing services in Pakistan, rendering travel and entertainment access seamless for its customers.

The first agreement saw Bookme join forces with Mrsool, a prominent Saudi delivery platform boasting a customer base exceeding eight million. Founded in 2016 by Ayman Alsanad and Naif Alsimri, Mrsool has emerged as a leader in on-demand delivery across Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The signing ceremony, held at the Pakistani Embassy in Riyadh, marked a pivotal moment for both entities.

Present at the ceremony were Faizan Aslam, Founder and CEO, and Muhammad T Ali, COO, representing Bookme, alongside Ayman AlSanad, CEO, Naif Alsimri, CMO, Hammad Raza, CFO, and Abdullah Haboudal, CSO, from Mrsool. This collaboration promises to leverage the strengths of both platforms, providing enhanced services to customers in the region.

Simultaneously, on the sidelines of the Arabian Travel Market Expo 2024, another significant agreement was reached. Bookme was appointed by the Saudi Tourism Ministry as the official and exclusive online travel agency (OTA) partner for Pakistan. This partnership aims to digitize travel between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, streamlining processes and enhancing convenience for travelers.

Representatives from the Saudi Tourism Ministry, Meeshal Qureshi and Anas Jamaladeen, hailed the partnership as a milestone in promoting tourism beyond religious pilgrimage. They emphasized Bookme’s extensive user base and expertise in digital travel booking as pivotal in showcasing Saudi Arabia’s diverse tourism offerings.

The collaboration between Bookme and Mrsool marks a strategic alliance aimed at enhancing the customer experience by integrating ticketing and delivery services seamlessly. With Mrsool’s widespread presence and Bookme’s innovative solutions, customers can expect unparalleled convenience in accessing various services.

Furthermore, the partnership with the Saudi Tourism Ministry underscores Bookme’s commitment to fostering digital transformation in the travel industry. By digitizing travel processes, the initiative aims to unlock the full potential of tourism between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, paving the way for increased bilateral cooperation and cultural exchange.

In light of these agreements, Bookme startup is poised for exponential growth in the Saudi market, leveraging its expertise and partnerships to redefine the travel and entertainment landscape. As both parties gear up to implement these initiatives, travelers can look forward to a more seamless and immersive experience when exploring the rich cultural tapestry of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.