Pakistan's Agri-Connections 2024 Aims for Increased Investment, Exports

Lahore is gearing up to host the much-anticipated Pakistan Agricultural Coalition’s ‘Agri-Connections 2024’ conference, slated to be held at the Lahore Expo Center from April 24-25.

The bustling city of Lahore is gearing up to host the much-anticipated Pakistan Agricultural Coalition’s ‘Agri-Connections 2024’ conference, slated to be held at the Lahore Expo Center from April 24-25. With a paramount focus on boosting investment in agriculture, fostering innovation, augmenting exports, curbing imports, and enhancing farmer profitability, this event is poised to be a game-changer in Pakistan’s agricultural sector.

Arif Nadeem, CEO of Pakistan Agricultural Coalition, shared insights on the upcoming event during a media briefing on Friday.

“The conference has been meticulously crafted to catalyze the burgeoning interest in agriculture within Pakistan’s private sector and governmental bodies, thereby propelling real agri-development,” Nadeem expressed, underlining the pivotal role of leading businesses in showcasing their innovative strides and leadership in agriculture to all stakeholders. Distinguished keynote speakers are slated to enlighten attendees on an array of topics throughout the two-day conference.

In tandem with the conference, an expo segment will spotlight the premier players in various facets of agriculture, showcasing their pivotal projects and contributions to the sector. “The event will serve as a nexus for forging structured connections among investors, farmers, startups, governmental entities, donors, and experts,” emphasized Kazim Saeed, Strategy Advisor to Pakistan Agricultural Coalition.

Notably, the event will also feature ‘ZarZaraat,’ a SharkTank-style competition organized in collaboration with the Bank of Punjab, aimed at providing a platform for small agri startups to pitch their ideas.

Explaining the significance of the ‘SharkTank-style’ segment, Saeed reiterated its alignment with the overarching theme of the conference, emphasizing the proactive involvement of Pakistan’s corporate sector in agricultural endeavors. “Through ZarZaraat, we aim to showcase Pakistan’s reservoir of groundbreaking agricultural concepts that possess the potential to revolutionize the sector in the near future, contingent upon conducive environments and robust investments,” he elucidated.

Saeed further disclosed that the competition had garnered an overwhelming response, with thirty-five applications received within the stipulated deadline. With the assistance of their Knowledge Partner, A.F. Ferguson & Co., a select pool of seven applications has been shortlisted for review by the esteemed jury. “We are optimistic that the finalists’ pitches at Agri-Connections 2024 will resonate with investors, underscoring the transformative prospects awaiting Pakistan’s agricultural landscape,” Saeed remarked, accentuating the significance of potential funding for the finalists.

With the stage set for Agri-Connections 2024, anticipation is rife among stakeholders, ranging from seasoned industry players to budding agricultural enthusiasts. The event holds the promise of not only fostering knowledge exchange and networking but also serving as a catalyst for tangible initiatives aimed at propelling Pakistan towards agricultural self-sufficiency and global competitiveness.

As the countdown begins for this landmark event, all eyes are on Lahore, poised to witness the dawn of a new era in Pakistan’s agricultural narrative. Stay tuned for comprehensive coverage and insights from Agri-Connections 2024, where the seeds of transformation are set to be sown.