Atlantic Health System Unveils Tech to Manage Polypharmacy Patients

The health system announced its adoption of FeelBetter’s innovative technology aimed at transforming the management of polypharmacy patients.

Atlantic Health System, a prominent healthcare provider serving communities primarily in New Jersey, alongside regions of New York and Pennsylvania, has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative this month. The health system announced its adoption of FeelBetter’s innovative technology aimed at transforming the management of polypharmacy patients, those utilizing five or more medications concurrently.

FeelBetter, a dynamic startup with roots in Tel Aviv and Boston, was established in 2018 with a mission to tackle a pressing public health issue affecting senior patients. CEO Liat Primor emphasized the alarming reality that many seniors contend with multiple prescribed medications concurrently, leading to adverse health outcomes, heightened healthcare service utilization, and soaring care expenses.

Primor underscored the urgent need to rethink medication management protocols in the United States, citing staggering statistics revealing 275,000 deaths annually and over $528 billion in avoidable costs due to flawed medication management practices.

“A Paradigm Shift in Medication Management”

FeelBetter’s personalized medication management platform represents a paradigm shift in addressing these challenges. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, FeelBetter offers a holistic approach to medication management, transcending individual illnesses, diagnoses, or isolated moments in time.

The platform identifies high-risk patients susceptible to deterioration and preventable hospitalizations due to suboptimal medication management. It then proactively recommends actionable interventions to mitigate these risks while enabling clinicians to monitor patient progress and assess the effectiveness of clinical interventions.

Strategic Partnership with Atlantic Health System

In a strategic move, FeelBetter has forged a partnership with Atlantic Health System, deploying its platform across the health system’s Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). This initiative aims to identify patients at elevated risk of hospitalization due to polypharmacy-related issues, provide tailored medication recommendations, and closely monitor each patient’s care journey.

Atlantic Health System’s commitment extends across three ACOs, collectively serving more than 100,000 Medicare beneficiaries and over 420,000 patients covered by commercial insurance.

A Focus on Value-Based Care

FeelBetter’s target clientele primarily comprises organizations dedicated to value-based care models. Primor highlighted the versatility of FeelBetter’s Software as a Service (SaaS) solution in optimizing resource allocation, reducing preventable hospitalizations, and enhancing the capacity of clinical pharmacists.

In distinguishing FeelBetter from competitors like Arine and Tabula Rasa, Primor emphasized the startup’s focus on integrating Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and claims data, catering directly to healthcare providers rather than health plans.

Expanding Reach and Impact

Beyond the partnership with Atlantic Health System, FeelBetter anticipates announcing additional collaborations with healthcare providers in the coming months. Primor reiterated the company’s commitment to revolutionizing medication management practices, leveraging technology to enhance patient outcomes and streamline healthcare delivery.

FeelBetter’s approach, which encompasses both historical and real-time data, offers a comprehensive view of patients’ health journeys, setting a new standard in personalized care.

In essence, the collaboration between Atlantic Health System and FeelBetter marks a significant stride towards redefining medication management protocols, underscoring the transformative potential of technology in optimizing patient care and driving healthcare innovation.