Tencent Games Showcases Cutting-Edge Technologies at GDC 2024

Tencent Games, renowned as the world’s leading game development, publishing, and operation platform, took center stage at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2024.

Tencent Games, renowned as the world’s leading game development, publishing, and operation platform, took center stage at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2024, unveiling its latest technologies, services, and solutions aimed at revolutionizing game development and operations.

Harnessing the Power of AI and Machine Learning

At the heart of Tencent Games’ showcase were advancements in AI and machine learning, crucial elements for delivering immersive gaming experiences.

Elvis Liu, AI Team Lead at MoreFun Studios, shared insights into the adoption of large-scale reinforcement learning in fighting games. Notably, Naruto Mobile, the first of its kind, leverages reinforcement learning, drastically reducing time and resource expenditure in training processes by up to 90%.

Moreover, experts from TiMi Studio Group shed light on MotorNerve, their self-developed character animation system, emphasizing its ability to achieve high-quality animation while minimizing resource consumption. The fusion of Motion Matching and Learned Motion Matching technologies, coupled with Motion In Betweening, ensures seamless animation transitions, enriching gaming experiences.

Introducing GiiNEX Game AI Engine

During the event, Tencent AI Lab unveiled its groundbreaking GiiNEX Game AI Engine, designed to equip developers with cutting-edge AI tools.

Leveraging generative AI technology, GiiNEX facilitates the creation of realistic 3D city scenes, empowering developers to innovate and enhance user-generated content. Additionally, the engine supports various elements of game development, from animations to decision-making AI, accelerating the pace of innovation in the gaming industry.

Empowering Game Development with Advanced Solutions

Tencent Games showcased a myriad of solutions aimed at empowering game development across platforms. The development team of Delta Force: Hawk Ops shared insights into cross-platform development strategies, emphasizing high-quality graphics while ensuring optimal performance on mobile devices.

Furthermore, MoreFun Studios demonstrated the successful application of ray tracing technology in mobile gaming with Arena Breakout, promising players a high-quality, hyper-realistic gaming experience. Additionally, advancements in global illumination and adaptive LOD technology were highlighted, showcasing Tencent Games’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of gaming graphics.

Commitment to Security and Quality Assurance

Tencent Games reiterated its commitment to enhancing game security and quality assurance with its in-house products showcased at the GDC booth. The Anti-Cheat Expert (ACE) suite offers comprehensive security solutions, including anti-cheat measures and content moderation, ensuring a fair and competitive gaming environment. Additionally, the WeTest Global Quality Assurance Platform ensures the highest standards of quality for game development across various platforms, from mobile to PC and consoles.

Fostering Community and Talent Connections

In line with its commitment to fostering community engagement, Tencent Games introduced a dedicated “Career Space” at its booth, providing a platform for networking and talent recruitment. The space offered opportunities ranging from internships to senior positions, reflecting Tencent’s dedication to nurturing talent within the gaming industry.

Furthermore, the announcement of the GWB Game Awards 2024 underscored Tencent Games’ recognition of excellence within the gaming community, offering substantial prize pools to deserving developers and studios.

In Conclusion

Tencent Games’ active involvement at GDC 2024 reaffirms its position as a pioneering force in the gaming industry, driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of technology. With a focus on AI, advanced solutions, and community engagement, Tencent Games continues to shape the future of gaming, promising immersive experiences for players worldwide.

For those unable to attend GDC 2024, Tencent Games encourages following their social media accounts and exploring the GDC Vault for more insights and information on their latest developments.