King Charles' Charity Raises Over £250,000 for Mental Health in Pakistan

His Majesty King Charles III’s charity, The British Asian Trust, has successfully raised over £250,000 through its annual Ramazan Iftar appeal.

In a heartfelt display of generosity and solidarity, His Majesty King Charles III’s charity, The British Asian Trust, has successfully raised over £250,000 through its annual Ramazan Iftar appeal. These funds are earmarked to support vital initiatives addressing mental health issues in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

British Asian Trust Chief Executive, Richard Hawkes, revealed the outcome of the fundraising effort, emphasizing that the proceeds would be directed towards much-needed programs in the aforementioned countries, all under the auspices of His Majesty King Charles III. Founded in 2007 by the King himself, alongside a cadre of British Asian entrepreneurs, the Trust has been steadfast in its mission to combat poverty, inequality, and injustice in South Asia.

Richard Hawkes further disclosed that a leading media outlet, would collaborate with the charity to spotlight mental health issues as a dedicated media partner. The evening witnessed the reading of a special message from His Majesty King Charles III, extending congratulations to Muslims observing the Holy Month of Ramazan while reaffirming his commitment to humanitarian causes, particularly in nations like Pakistan.

The British Asian Trust’s annual Iftar, held at the London Grosvenor Marriot Hotel, drew a distinguished gathering of over 350 guests, including prominent British Muslims such as Mayor of London Sadiq Khan. Notable attendees also included government dignitaries, among them Lord Tariq Ahmad and Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, as well as Pakistani High Commissioner to the UK, Dr. Mohammad Faisal, and acclaimed actor Sanam Saeed.

The event served as a platform to shed light on the often overlooked struggle of mental health issues and rally support for the Trust’s essential Mental Health initiatives in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Expressing his appreciation for the initiative, Mayor Sadiq Khan emphasized the significance of charity and solidarity during Ramazan. He underscored the collaborative effort among individuals of diverse faiths and backgrounds, united in their endeavor to alleviate mental health challenges in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

In an interview with private media outlet, Mayor Khan reiterated the inclusive nature of the fundraising event, highlighting the joint efforts of individuals from various religious communities. He emphasized his personal commitment to fostering understanding and unity, exemplified through his visits to mosques, churches, and other places of worship during Ramazan.

Government minister Lord Tariq Ahmad echoed Mayor Khan’s sentiments, underscoring the strong ties between the UK and Pakistan. He emphasized the importance of philanthropic endeavors in strengthening bilateral relations and commended His Majesty King Charles III’s unwavering dedication to South Asia.

Richard Hawkes, the Chief Executive of the British Asian Trust, expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support received, noting the Trust’s decade-long commitment to improving mental health outcomes. He highlighted the organization’s multifaceted approach, aimed at destigmatizing mental health, enhancing accessibility to services, and fostering collaborative partnerships for lasting change.

As the evening concluded, attendees departed with a renewed sense of purpose, knowing that their contributions would make a tangible difference in the lives of mental health patients in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Through the collective efforts of His Majesty King Charles III’s charity and its supporters, hope shines bright for a future where mental health receives the attention and care it deserves.