Blockchain Gaming Levels Up: Moonbeam Teams with Animo

Moonbeam Network has announced a partnership with Animo Industries, marking a significant step in the convergence of blockchain technology and gaming entertainment.

Moonbeam Network, the platform facilitating the development of cross-chain applications, has announced a strategic partnership with blockchain game developer Animo Industries, marking a significant step in the convergence of blockchain technology and gaming entertainment.

Spearheading this collaboration, Sicco Naets, Head of Ecosystem Development at the Moonbeam Foundation, emphasized the shared vision of both entities in democratizing access to web3 gaming experiences.

“Our partnership with Animo Industries is a testament to our joint commitment to expanding the reach of web3 gaming,” Naets affirmed. “By prioritizing gamers and integrating meaningful utility into gameplay mechanics, we aim to transcend conventional gaming paradigms.”

In an exclusive statement to The Block, Naets revealed pivotal details of the collaboration, elucidating Moonbeam’s role in providing financial support through a dedicated grant program. Furthermore, Animo Industries will harness Moonbeam’s cutting-edge technology to streamline the acquisition and management of in-game assets, thereby enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Naets elaborated, “Players seeking specific in-game assets, such as skins, will now have seamless access to a unified marketplace, eliminating the need to navigate disparate platforms across multiple blockchain networks.”

Animo Industries, renowned for its innovative gaming concepts, unveiled plans to debut its flagship title, “Stars Arena,” on prominent gaming platforms such as the Epic Games Store and Steam.

Simultaneously, the company is actively developing a blockchain-enabled version tailored for consoles like Playstation and Nintendo Switch. The strategic alignment between Moonbeam and Animo Industries underscores a shared vision of fostering inclusive gaming ecosystems that transcend traditional boundaries.

The advent of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) within the gaming landscape has catalyzed a burgeoning market, with Animo’s “Stars Arena” NFTs amassing nearly $9 million in total trading volume on OpenSea. With a slated public launch scheduled for March 1, “Stars Arena” promises an immersive gaming experience, empowering users to pilot nimble tanks while engaging in exhilarating online battles.

Embracing the bullish sentiment surrounding blockchain-enabled gaming, Moonbeam and Animo are poised to capitalize on an industry forecasted to surge by nearly 400% over the next decade. Citing industry reports, both entities underscored the transformative potential of on-chain gaming, emphasizing its capacity to redefine traditional gaming paradigms and unlock new avenues for player engagement.

Parallel to this collaboration, other blockchain game developers are vying for mainstream adoption by leveraging partnerships with prominent gaming platforms. Titles like the first-person-shooter “Shrapnel” are poised to penetrate traditional gaming markets through strategic alliances with platforms like the Epic Games Store, signaling a broader trend towards the convergence of blockchain technology and mainstream entertainment.

As Moonbeam Network and Animo Industries forge ahead with their pioneering partnership, the future of blockchain gaming appears increasingly vibrant and inclusive. With a shared commitment to innovation and accessibility, these industry pioneers are poised to revolutionize the gaming landscape, ushering in a new era of decentralized entertainment experiences.