PM Calls For Collaboration On Energy Solutions At Petroleum Conference

Caretaker Prime Minister underscored the importance of collaborative initiatives during his address at the Petroleum Conference 2024.

In a bid to harness the potential of Pakistan’s onshore and offshore oil and gas reserves, Caretaker Prime Minister underscored the importance of collaborative initiatives during his address at the Petroleum Conference 2024.

The event, where Chief of Army Staff General Syed Asim Munir served as the guest of honor, drew the participation of provincial chief ministers, energy ministers, key government officials, policymakers, and both domestic and foreign investors from the energy and petroleum sector.

Pakistan, endowed with abundant natural resources, holds the promise of becoming a significant player in the global energy landscape.

Caretaker Prime Minister, addressing the attendees on Tuesday, expressed the government’s commitment to supporting infrastructure development, logistics, and security to strengthen exploration and production endeavors. Emphasizing a collective commitment, he highlighted the country’s potential for energy self-sufficiency and the transformation into a regional energy exporter.

The Caretaker Prime Minister lauded the collaborative efforts of the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) and the Federal Ministry of Energy for fostering an investor-friendly environment. He commended their role in streamlining regulations and procedures, creating an atmosphere conducive to attracting investments in the petroleum sector.

During the conference, notable developments were shared, including the discovery of hydrocarbon reserves in Sindh by the Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL). This discovery adds to the growing optimism surrounding Pakistan’s energy potential, further motivating stakeholders to actively contribute to the nation’s energy landscape.

Addressing the audience, Ali Taha Al-Temimi, Country Manager of the Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company, applauded the unrelenting efforts of the Pakistani government. He specifically commended their role in bringing diverse stakeholders together to formulate policy recommendations and enhance investments in the petroleum sector.

The Petroleum Conference 2024, a platform for key players in the sector, provided an opportunity to discuss and strategize ways to unlock the vast mineral potential of Pakistan. With an eye on energy self-sufficiency, participants engaged in dialogues on innovative approaches to exploration, production, and overall sector development.

As the nation aims to leverage its natural resources for economic growth, the conference underscored the significance of public-private partnerships.

Caretaker Prime Minister’s assurance of government support for infrastructure development aligns with the broader vision of creating an enabling environment for investors to actively participate in the energy and petroleum sector.

The collaborative spirit evident at the conference reflects a unified goal of fully utilizing Pakistan’s mineral potential. This commitment is not only expected to boost the country’s energy security but also position it as a regional energy exporter, contributing significantly to the economic prosperity of the nation.

The Petroleum Conference 2024 served as a pivotal platform for stakeholders to converge, discuss, and strategize the future of Pakistan’s energy landscape. With promising discoveries and a supportive government, the nation stands poised to harness its natural resources for sustainable development, signaling a positive trajectory for the energy and petroleum sector in the years to come.