Habib University's Dean's Fellowship Program Shapes Future of Research

Habib University proudly unveils its comprehensive three-year pre-doctoral initiative, the Dean’s Fellowship Program.

Habib University proudly unveils its comprehensive three-year pre-doctoral initiative, the Dean’s Fellowship Program. Tailored for emerging scholars, this unique program offers a dynamic platform for interdisciplinary research, teaching opportunities, and mentorship, fostering an intellectually vibrant community.

The Dean’s Fellowship Program at Habib University stands out for its commitment to providing Fellows with academic freedom and a supportive environment. Over the course of three years, participants delve into a diverse array of interdisciplinary programs, spanning computer science, electrical engineering, computer engineering, integrated sciences and mathematics, social development and policy, communication and design, and comparative humanities.

One of the distinctive features of the program is the opportunity for Fellows to design and teach undergraduate courses under the mentorship of seasoned faculty members. This hands-on teaching experience not only contributes to the Fellows’ academic portfolios but also enhances their pedagogical skills.

Zainab Makati, a current Dean’s Fellow and Erasmus Mundus scholar, praised the Center for Pedagogical Excellence (CPE) at Habib University for providing pedagogical training and unwavering support in designing her course, ‘Introduction to Geoinformatics with QGIS.’

Mentorship plays a pivotal role in the Dean’s Fellowship Program, with each Fellow assigned an individual mentor to guide them throughout their academic journey. Reflecting on her experience, Manahil Huda, a former Dean’s Fellow, emphasized the value of mentorship, stating, “I was particularly able to learn a lot from my mentor Dr. Anzar Khaliq, as I was able to have multiple productive discussions with him about pedagogy and about my various research interests within the realm of design.”

The program goes beyond traditional academic support by providing access to a wide range of workshops and mentorship sessions designed to aid Fellows in their pursuit of terminal degrees.

Workshops such as ‘Gearing up for a PhD’ by Dr. Haleema Qamar and ‘Deconstructing the Candidate Profiles for Graduate School Admissions’ by Dr. Aatir Khan offer practical guidance on writing research proposals, statements of purpose, and curricula vitae, helping Fellows navigate the competitive landscape of doctoral admissions and scholarship applications.

As a research fellowship, the Dean’s Fellowship Program actively encourages Fellows to engage in in-depth study. With the support of faculty mentors, participants develop specific research plans and proposals, eligible for research grants funded by Habib University.

The program further integrates students into the research process through the Summer Tehqiq Research Program, a 10-week initiative that immerses undergraduates in research projects led by Dean’s Fellows.

Areeba Rajput, a Dean’s Fellow and Fulbright scholar, reflects on the transformative impact of the program on her academic and professional growth: “The Dean’s Fellowship Program enhanced my academic and professional growth through collaboration with experienced faculty, fostering leadership skills while supervising motivated undergraduates. It enabled valuable mentorship, networking, and research opportunities, improving my teaching and communication skills.”

Looking ahead to the future, the Dean’s Fellowship Program remains a beacon for young aspiring scholars with robust academic portfolios. The 2024 iteration of the program invites those eager to join an intellectually rich community, offering a pathway not only to competitive doctoral degree programs worldwide but also to immersive teaching and research experiences in diverse interdisciplinary fields.

Habib University’s Dean’s Fellowship Program stands as a testament to the institution’s commitment to nurturing the academic leaders of tomorrow. Through a blend of research, teaching, mentorship, and support, the program provides a fertile ground for intellectual exploration and professional development, equipping Fellows to make significant contributions to the global academic landscape.