National Religious Leaders Unite For Energy Conservation

The federal government has enlisted the support of religious leaders in a concerted effort to promote energy conservation across the country.

The federal government has enlisted the support of religious leaders in a concerted effort to promote energy conservation across the country.

The National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NEECA) spearheaded this endeavor by organizing a seminar on Monday that explored the imperative of energy conservation from a religious perspective. Notable figures present at the event included Caretaker Minister for Power and Petroleum Muhammad Ali and Additional Secretary of the Power Division, Zafar Abbas.

During the seminar, both officials underscored the pressing need for collaboration between government bodies and religious leaders to raise public awareness about energy conservation through religious sermons. Drawing inspiration from Islamic teachings, they emphasized that the Holy Quran explicitly advocates the judicious use of natural resources and warns against wasteful practices.

Dr. Sardar Mohazzam, Managing Director of NEECA, extended a warm welcome to the Ulema (religious scholars) for joining forces with NEECA in pursuit of this national cause. He emphasized that fostering a change in behavior at a national level requires collective efforts, and the Ulema, through their sermons, can exert a profound influence by discouraging the wasteful use of energy.

NEECA took a significant step by developing a booklet, with the support of the Ulema, focusing on energy conservation from a religious perspective. This comprehensive guide was shared with all participants present at the seminar, further amplifying the impact of the initiative.

Expressing their commitment to the national energy conservation drive, the Ulema conveyed their dedication through impassioned speeches, pledging to inform the public about the significance of energy conservation and its broader social, moral, religious, and ethical implications.

As a pivotal conclusion to the seminar, all the Ulema in attendance signed a declaration emphasizing the importance of Energy Efficiency and Conservation from a religious standpoint.

This declaration is slated for widespread distribution throughout the country, serving as a catalyst for a nationwide movement towards energy conservation. The Ulema have committed to incorporating these principles into their Friday prayer sermons, ensuring that the message resonates across diverse communities.

In his closing remarks, MD NEECA expressed heartfelt gratitude to all the Ulema and participants for their enthusiasm and unwavering commitment to energy conservation.

The collaborative efforts between the government and religious leaders mark a significant stride toward fostering a more conscientious and sustainable approach to energy consumption nationwide. The initiative holds the promise of not only preserving precious resources but also nurturing a sense of responsibility grounded in religious teachings for the well-being of the country and its people.