iSun & Next2Sun Pilot Vertical Agrivoltaics In US Energy Revolution

iSunn has teamed up with Next2Sun, known for its pioneering work in combining agriculture with cutting-edge solar technology.

iSun & Next2Sun Pilot Vertical Agrivoltaics In US Energy Revolution

US solar company iSun and German agrivoltaics pioneer Next2Sun Mounting Systems have teamed up in a ground-breaking partnership that marks a new chapter in sustainable energy solutions: the US will see the introduction of its first vertical agrivoltaics system.

iSun, with a legacy of over 50 years in technological innovation, has teamed up with Next2Sun, known for its pioneering work in combining agriculture with cutting-edge solar technology. The collaboration aims to revolutionize solar power generation by integrating agricultural practices with state-of-the-art solar solutions.

Jeffrey Peck, CEO of iSun, underscores the company’s commitment to accelerating the adoption of transformative technologies, recognizing clean and renewable solar energy as the linchpin for a sustainable future. iSun is actively spearheading the transition from conventional to clean energy solutions.

Next2Sun’s innovative concept revolves around vertically installed, bifacial solar modules. This design optimizes power production during traditionally low availability periods, minimizing the impact on agricultural land.

Heiko Hildebrandt, CEO of Next2Sun AG, highlights the significance of their vertical system, particularly in areas like the northeast of the USA, where it produces electricity efficiently even during times when conventional PV systems are less effective.

The inaugural project of this groundbreaking collaboration is set to unfold in Vermont, where the construction of the first agrivoltaics plant with the Next2Sun system will commence in early 2024. Encompassing 3.7 acres, the installation will feature 69 vertical rack elements, each supporting two bifacial solar modules strategically placed 30 feet apart.

The unique design allows for the cultivation of crops such as carrots, beetroot, and saffron between the rows, harmonizing solar energy production with agricultural practices.

Jeffrey Peck highlights the benefits of the Next2Sun system, emphasizing, “Thanks to the vertical mounting of the modules and the adaptability of the installation to the needs of the farmer, the valuable land is almost completely preserved for agriculture.”

The groundbreaking Vermont project receives support from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action as part of the Renewable Energy Solutions Programme of the German Energy Solutions Initiative. This collaboration underscores the global effort to promote sustainable energy solutions and signifies a shared commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability.

Both iSun and Next2Sun express enthusiasm for this collaborative venture. Heiko Hildebrandt acknowledges iSun as a partner who shares the vision of accelerating the energy transition. This partnership marks a significant step toward integrating vertical agrivoltaics into the US energy landscape, providing a model for sustainable practices that balance energy production and agricultural needs.

The joint effort between iSun and Next2Sun represents a milestone in pursuing cleaner, more sustainable energy solutions. The Vermont project serves as a pioneering example of how vertical agrivoltaics can harmonize with traditional agriculture, preserving valuable land while meeting the increasing demand for clean energy in the US.

This visionary collaboration sets the stage for a sustainable future, where technology and agriculture work hand in hand to address the challenges of energy production and food security. The iSun and Next2Sun partnership is not just a leap forward; it’s a transformative stride towards a greener, more sustainable world.