DP Technology Eyes Global Expansion In Scientific Computing

DP Technology aims to leverage its open-source community and participate in trade shows to establish its reputation in the global scientific computing landscape.

DP Technology Eyes Global Expansion In Scientific Computing

Amidst increasing geopolitical tensions impacting several Chinese tech companies, DP Technology, a bold startup focusing on applying artificial intelligence (AI) to molecular simulations, is actively pursuing global expansion.

Established in 2018, DP, short for “Deep Potential,” distinguishes itself by emphasizing the unifying power of “scientific research for humanity.” The company’s goal is to harness AI and machine learning for molecular simulations, providing tools for scientific computing applicable in various industries.

DP was founded with renowned mathematician Weinan E as its advisor and has gained attention for its unique approach to scientific computing. While much of the tech world focuses on AI applications in generating text, images, and videos, DP is carving a niche by combining machine learning with molecular simulations.

This integration enhances the speed and accuracy of simulations, addressing real-world challenges in industries such as biopharmaceutical research, automotive design, and semiconductor development.

Revolutionizing Scientific Computing

DP’s CEO and founder, Sun Weijie, highlighted the need for a breakthrough in research and development approaches to keep pace with evolving market demands.

Traditional methods relying on experience-based trial and error, often referred to as “cooking” or “alchemy,” are no longer sufficient for achieving rapid technological advancements. DP’s suite of software and platforms aims to revolutionize scientific computing by enabling faster and more cost-effective product development.

The company operates a scientific computing platform that facilitates simulations of physical properties like magnetism, optics, and electricity. These simulations, in turn, accelerate the design process for materials such as semiconductors and batteries. DP also offers a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform specifically tailored for preclinical studies in drug discovery.

In addition to providing software solutions, DP offers services customized to the needs of industrial researchers and designers. The combination of SaaS and service models has proven successful in China, where DP is expected to secure contracts worth nearly 100 million yuan ($14 million) in 2023.

Global Expansion Strategy

DP’s success in China has laid the foundation for its international expansion, starting with the United States.

The company plans to open an office in the U.S. and collaborate with local partners to distribute its products and services. Despite being a relatively smaller player compared to giants like DeepMind and OpenAI, DP believes its global mindset and open-source scientific computing community, DeepModeling, will set it apart.

Sun acknowledged the challenges posed by geopolitical tensions but expressed confidence in the resilience of scientific fields. He emphasized that basic science and biopharmaceuticals are shared by humanity and are relatively open and inclusive.

DP Technology aims to leverage its open-source community and participate in trade shows to establish its reputation in the global scientific computing landscape.

While DP has raised approximately $140 million from leading Chinese venture capital firms, its approach to global expansion aligns with the belief that a commitment to scientific research for the benefit of humanity will overcome potential obstacles. The company’s foray into the U.S. market and participation in international events reflect its determination to contribute to advancements in scientific computing on a global scale.