Blockchain Bounty: Gala Games Launches Eternal Paradox

Gala Games has achieved a noteworthy milestone with the launch of its most recent mobile game, “Eternal Paradox,” which is presently accessible on Google Play and Apple App Store.

Blockchain Bounty: Gala Games Launches Eternal Paradox

Gala Games, the forerunner in web3 gaming and entertainment, has achieved a noteworthy milestone with the launch of its most recent mobile game, “Eternal Paradox,” which is presently accessible on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Developed by NDREAM Studios based in Korea, Eternal Paradox merges the popular genres of 4X and RPG-style combat, complemented by optional web3 features provided by Gala Games, establishing itself as a powerhouse in the mobile gaming landscape.

Unique Gameplay and Competitive Rewards:

Eternal Paradox introduces a captivating gaming experience where players compete for daily and seasonal rewards within a 49-day repeating season. The narrative of the game revolves around a time paradox, creating a cyclical structure where the end always marks the beginning. Players collaborate and form guilds on player-owned land, engaging in strategic battles for control of the Ring of Ruin, a magical relic central to the time paradox.

The rewards in Eternal Paradox come in the form of “Eternal Time” (ETIME), a GalaChain-minted token that can be bridged to the Ethereum blockchain for future trading. Players can choose to store their ETIME rewards in their connected Gala wallet or spend them on exclusive in-game items, such as limited edition mercenaries and game-boosting packages. Notably, spent ETIME on these items is burned from circulation, ensuring a dynamic circulation of New ETIME as player rewards.

Ownership-Enabled Collectible Characters:

As players progress through Eternal Paradox, they collect mercenaries, each with unique battle skills and attack forms. These mercenaries can be pitted against other players (PvP) and enemy characters (PvE) in various battle modes, allowing players to level up their collection as they advance through the season. Importantly, players can make in-game-only mercenaries “mint-ready” using an in-game token called “Immortal Emblems.” This process enables players to mint these mercenaries as owned tokens, unlocking additional benefits tied to ownership.

Free players in Eternal Paradox enjoy the same reward opportunities as those who opt for minted land or mercenary tokens. However, players who own minted items receive added perks, making it easier to climb leaderboards and providing the ability to transfer items to other players. Owners also have the option to bridge their digital assets from GalaChain to the Ethereum blockchain, where they can be listed for sale on secondary markets.

Gala’s Vision for Mobile Gaming and Web3 Integration:

Gala Games is actively steering toward mobile gaming, aiming to create and publish games that not only captivate a broad audience but also compete with the most popular mobile games. The unique aspect lies in Gala’s incorporation of additional layers of gamified ownership and reward-based content.

With the successful launch of Eternal Paradox, Gala Games is at the forefront of revolutionizing the gaming industry by seamlessly integrating web3 and blockchain technology into the gaming experience.

The game not only offers an engaging and competitive gameplay experience but also introduces a novel economic model with blockchain rewards, further solidifying Gala Games’ commitment to shaping the future of decentralized gaming. As the web3 gaming ecosystem continues to evolve, Gala Games is poised to play a pivotal role in ushering in a new era of interactive and rewarding gaming experiences.