Saudi Startups Participate In Pakistan Largest Tech Expo

CISL and the British Standards Institution (BSI) are launching a startup accelerator with a sustainability-focused program that has chosen six firms to participate.

Saudi Startups Participate In Pakistan Largest Tech Expo

The Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership (CISL) and the British Standards Institution (BSI) are launching a startup accelerator with a sustainability-focused program that has chosen six firms to participate. As startups focus on sustainability, some may consider establishing a business presence in major markets. For those looking at the East Coast, knowing New York LLC formation is vital to navigate the legal landscape efficiently and ensure that your business complies with local regulations from the outset.

The CISL, a division of the School of Technology at the University of Cambridge, conducts research to address various sustainability challenges, whereas the BSI, the UK’s national standards body, develops technical standards and certification procedures for a wide range of goods and services.

An chance to co-create and test solutions with the BSI Sustainability Innovation Lab is one of the main goals of the joint BSI-CISL accelerator program, which is intended to help the growth of technology startups by providing them with business support, network building, mentorship, and other opportunities.

The six chosen startups include CarbonBright, which uses generative artificial intelligence (AI) to assist its clients in managing the environmental impact of their products by automatically gathering product supply chain data from various sources and creating digital twins of their supply chains; Gentian, which uses machine learning to map and monitor natural habitats for biodiversity conservation; and HACE, which uses AI to track various modern slavery metrics for investments.

The remaining startups include iov23, focused on developing supply chain traceability technology to streamline compliance with due diligence regulations. SkenarioLabs employs machine learning to assist businesses in analyzing energy consumption, carbon intensity, and devising asset management strategies. Lastly, TEXpert AI offers a cloud-based platform for diversity and inclusion data analytics, aiding businesses in comprehending their workforce demographics.

We are thrilled to welcome such a creative and diverse group of start-ups to our inaugural program at BSI’s Sustainability Innovation Lab. A sustainable society may be achieved more quickly by assisting people and organizations who are advancing innovative answers to today’s most pressing issues, such as combating modern slavery and protecting the environment, according to BSI Chief Commercial Officer Harold Pradal.

The support offered by BSI and our collaborative partners, including the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability, through our Startup Accelerator, aims to empower these startups to leverage our 120 years of expertise and insight in driving tangible societal progress. By joining forces, we accelerate innovation and nurture concepts that catalyze meaningful transformations, ultimately benefiting all stakeholders.

The selected businesses “cover the full range of CISL’s three impact lenses; future place, future lives, and future economy, which perfectly complements all our other activities and initiatives,” said Sam Laakkonen, senior director of sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship at CISL.

“I am quite curious to watch how these teams do over the next few months, as well as how the program’s piloting component turns out.”

The BSI-CISL partnership opened in December 2022, establishing a Lab in Cambridge to help organizations transform their business models and accelerate sustainability efforts.

The Lab, located in CISL’s headquarters, promotes collaboration between governments and industry peers, assisting organizations of all sizes in improving organizational outcomes and resilience while driving positive impacts for society.