Nearly 15,000 people attended Techsauce Global Summit this year, including visitors from the UK, Hong Kong, Japan, and Thailand.

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The Techsauce Global Summit 2023, a significant startup event in Thailand, saw the debut of StartUP@Taipei. Nearly 15,000 people attended Techsauce Global Summit this year, including visitors from the UK, Hong Kong, Japan, and Thailand.

Over 500 entrepreneurs displayed their products. Ten potential Taiwanese businesses in the disciplines of AI, smart cities, ESG, IoT, and digital technologies investigated the local entrepreneurial environment in Thailand under the leadership of StartUP@Taipei.

These teams attracted a lot of attention from prospective customers, distributors, partners, and investors during the expo. Through a pitch competition arranged by the hosts and Beacon Venture Capital, one of the 10 businesses, Aiello, made a strong impression on the audience with their offering.

To further assist the teams in understanding the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, business climate, pertinent legislation, and culture, StartUP@Taipei conducted a number of company visits.

Additionally, a team supper was planned for these 10 startup firms prior to the event’s commencement in order to improve networking and exhibition logistics.

strategizing thoroughly for market entry while focusing on business potential in Greater Southeast Asia.

StartUP@Taipei has created a special set of visiting activities to aid the teams in developing a thorough understanding of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Southeast Asia and Thailand.

These include excursions to Lazada, the largest e-commerce site in Thailand, PD Legal, True Digital Park, LINE Thailand, one of Thailand’s three largest telecoms companies, and the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA). These initiatives are intended to provide the groundwork for future market expansion in Southeast Asia.

To further promote the city government’s entrepreneurial resources through exchange events, StartUP@Taipei is also utilizing Taipei Entrepreneurs Hub (TEH), a talent exchange brand run by the Department of Economic Development of the Taipei City Government.

These 10 businesses drew a large number of foreign startup firms, investors, and incubator units on the first day of the show. GreenRocket, a Thai incubator, True Incube, and SusHi Tech Tokyo from Japan were notable guests. They indicated a desire to help new businesses set up shop in Taipei.

On the same day, several of them also stopped by the SusHi Tech Tokyo stand and engaged in conversation with members of Taipei City’s Department of Economic Development.

Additionally, StartUP@Taipei and the other 10 teams took part in the Startup Pitching on the Tech Showcase stage on the first day of the exhibition. The audience was given information about the participating teams as well as the StartUP@Taipei brand.

It’s important to note that Mechavision, one of the 10 startup firms, had the chance to contact Continental through the exhibition app thanks to the visibility on this stage. They are actively debating the possibility of working together as they anticipate future events.