COMSTECH Launches Somalia Science And Technology Program In ISB

The top two universities in Somalia will be able to become associate members of the COMSTECH Consortium of Excellence (CCoE) through this programme.

COMSTECH Launches Somalia Science And Technology Program In ISB

In collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Somalia in Islamabad, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Science & Technology, COMSTECH launched the Somalia Science and Technology Cooperation Program on Friday at the COMSTECH Auditorium.

In order to address the unique needs of each OIC member state with customised solutions, the Coordinator General of COMSTECH, Prof. Dr. M. Iqbal Choudhary, emphasised the need for joint collaborative country specific programmes.

He recognised the efforts of H.E. Shirwa Abdullahi Ibrahim, the Somalian ambassador, and the Pakistani Ministry of Science and Technology for coordinating the launch of this program.

The visionary action taken by the COMSTECH leadership to address the S&T needs of his country was appreciated by the Charge de Affaires, Embassy of the Republic of Somalia, H.E. Shirwa Abdullahi Ibrahim.

He expressed his gratitude to Prof. Choudhary for initiating the country-specific OIC member state programmes, particularly for the African continent. He claimed that this programme would promote more reciprocal cooperation.

Ms. Saqlain Syedah, the High Commissioner of Pakistan in Nairobi, Kenya, spoke at the online launch event and praised the COMSTECH initiative for Somalia and other African OIC member states.

Dr. Muhammad Ashraf, the rector of the University of Lahore, praised COMSTECH’s efforts to broaden its partnerships with African nations. He claimed that as a CCoE member, the University of Lahore actively participates in all of its programmes.

He revealed that the University of Lahore has more than 500 international students enrolled, including 360 African students, and that it has also founded a medical college in Uganda.

Prof. Dr. Ch. Abdul Rehman, chairman of the Association of Private Sector Universities of Pakistan, expressed his heartfelt support for the COMSTECH-Somalia S&T Cooperation on behalf of his university and the Association of Private Sector Universities.

He declared that we would encourage scientific and technological development, encourage teamwork, and contribute to the growth and development of Somalia and the entire OIC region.

The Pakistani ambassador to Niger, Mr. Ahmed Ali Sirohey, as well as Justice Dr. Syed Mohammad Anwar Ali, an Aalim judge at the Federal Shariat Court in Islamabad, expressed their appreciation for COMSTECH’s efforts to advance S&T in the OIC region and their unwavering support for its programmes.

COMSTECH has launched a number of new initiatives and programmes for the capacity building of OIC states, particularly for the African OIC LDCs, in close coordination with the OIC General Secretariat, Jeddah. One of the biggest OIC members on the African continent, Somalia, will play a key role in implementing COMSTECH programmes there.

The top two universities in Somalia will be able to become associate members of the COMSTECH Consortium of Excellence (CCoE) through this programme. In addition to organising thematic workshops and training sessions on cutting-edge technologies relevant to the needs of the national and regional levels, COMSTECH will award 10 fellowships to Somalian students, researchers, and technical personnel.

To enhance vision-related quality of life and lessen poverty associated with blindness, COMSTECH will conduct health camps for high-quality cataract services in collaboration with the Islamic Development Bank and OIC General Secretariat.

COMSTECH will also organise training programmes in ophthalmology and neuro-critical care for Somalian healthcare professionals in conjunction with the pertinent institutions in Somalia and Pakistan.

A fellowship programme for women in science will be introduced, enabling female scientists from Somalia to conduct research studies in prestigious R&D facilities in Pakistan and other COMSTECH member states.

According to the needs of the nation, COMSTECH will launch a skill development programme for technicians in various fields in partnership with regional universities.

Through this programme, Somalia’s R&D institutions will be able to work with CCoE institutions to exchange knowledge, skills, technology, and resources in order to strengthen their capacities.