Hipther Agency Partners With Expodia For Innovative Digital EXPO 2023

Hipther Agency is excited to share that it has partnered with Expodia in a strategic media partnership for the Innovative Digital EXPO 2023.

Hipther Agency Partners With Expodia For Innovative Digital EXPO 2023

Hipther Agency is excited to share that it has partnered with Expodia in a strategic media partnership for the Innovative Digital EXPO 2023, which will take place on July 27 at the Prague Congress Center.

Hipther, the company behind the popular Prague Gaming & TECH Summit series, is excited to partner with Expodia and the Innovative Digital EXPO to advance the city’s thriving events scene.

Expodia is hosting the Innovative Digital EXPO 2023, which will feature more than 70 exhibitors and more than 1500 visitors from all over Europe. This event, which will be held at the cutting-edge Prague Congress Center, promises to provide an exciting forum for business innovators, digital landscape changemakers, and passionate individuals.

The comprehensive exhibition solution provided by Expodia maximises brand exposure. They offer businesses the chance to record keynote presentations in 4 cutting-edge digital studios outfitted with green screens, cameras, lights, production teams, and makeup artists in addition to ready-made exhibition spots. The presentations will be broadcast live to a worldwide audience on Expodia’s Digital Stage.

In-depth interviews introducing the exhibiting companies to attendees will be available on the Expodia website prior to the event and will be available in three languages: German, English, and Czech. This will introduce each company to the local market, Germany, and all English-speaking audiences at once!

The Expodia App allows visitors to the Innovative Digital EXPO to easily switch between the Main Stage and the four studios of the Digital Stage. Participants can stay connected and involved with all the event activities thanks to this seamless experience.

The multifaceted event will be hosted by Ruth Hoffmann, a seasoned German professional TV host, and will feature a star-studded lineup of top keynote speakers discussing all facets of digital innovation.

There is still more to come: All Innovative Digital EXPO 2023 Exhibitors will Receive Free Tickets to a Special Act by the Best Master Mentalist in the World, Lior Suchard, Known for His Mind-Reading and Hypnotism Skills, in November!

The cutting-edge digital solutions from Expodia optimise resource management for businesses, giving them the most exposure for the least money. Their objective is to leverage contemporary digital industries and open up fresh avenues for business expansion.

Given their shared commitment to innovation and Prague’s vibrant business networking scene, Hipther Agency is thrilled to support the Innovative Digital EXPO 2023 powered by Expodia.

For the Innovative Digital EXPO 2023, Zoltan Tundik, co-founder and head of business at Hipther Agency, said, “We couldn’t be more excited to work with Expodia.” “Our partnership represents a nexus of synergies, leveraging our individual strengths to advance Prague’s thriving events scene.”

“We are confident that this strategic media partnership will increase the reach and resonance of the Innovative Digital EXPO, catalysing meaningful conversations, fostering special connections, and reaffirming Prague as the epicentre of digital innovation given our strong track record with the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit series. The days are now counting down until July 27.”

The Innovative Digital EXPO 2023’s media partner will be Hipther, according to Armin Khani, CEO of Expodia. “I’m delighted to share the exciting news of our partnership with Hipther as the media partner for the Innovative Digital EXPO 2023,” he said.

They bring their extensive network and in-depth knowledge of the industry to the table, so in my opinion they are the ideal match. Together, we will investigate how innovation and digitalization will shape the future of all industries, enabling game-changing advancements. Join us for an incredible journey into the possibilities of tomorrow!”